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Employed as the Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications for Adams & Adams, the largest IP Law Firm in the Southern Hemisphere with the following tasks and deliverables:

The creation of multiple bespoke marketing strategies from overall Group, to specific Business Unit, from individual branches, to CSI implementation.

This includes the re-positioning of the Brand and the development of complete new CI, and the implementation thereof, across multiple platforms and 6 languages both in print and digital format.

The development and implementation of a complete strategic digital platform, moving away from an academic website of over 10,000 pages, to a fully leveraged commercial site that incorporates the complete digital platform, driving SEO from other sources rather than just web traffic.

A campaign to actively manage and control both the content and quality of information that disseminates from a partnership where senior staff operates their own entities.

The development and management of a proprietary CRM system, bringing in historic data from literally hundreds of sources, to create a single client information portal – primarily used by marketing as a campaign management tool, but over time, to include extensions for billing, FICA, etc.

The procurement of bespoke PR services to ensure that our message is released to the correct media wires, whilst education the media houses on the confidential aspects of the law. This includes the first strategic relationship with SAPA for law based articles.


Developing partnership strategies for events – whereby we offer either reduced rates or pro-bono sponsorship to the emerging South African creative industry. This was reflected in our continuing exclusive partnerships with Design Indaba, SAMA’s and the Loeries where we sponsor to the tune of nearly ZAR 5,000,000 on various engagements.

The extension of a limited supplier base into a best practice model of suppliers that fulfil both our quality and innovation needs, as well as adhering to our BBBEE policies. We now work with an extended set of preferred suppliers who work with us at a partnership level in terms of offering innovation, ideas and differentiated services.

The continuous upliftment and management of a dedicated Marketing Team who have had little direction. Repositioning staff into specific roles, creating KPI’s and managing appraisals to ensure a continuous improvement model. This reduces staff turnover, and retains the tacit knowledge within the business.

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