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My role within the company was as a Mac Resource / Analyst, partnering with more senior consultants, to learn, develop and deliver bespoke business process reengineering frameworks, that ultimately changed the business practices and bottom line of many of the companies for whom we were engaged.

The role gave me a fantastic grounding in business, and with the talent that Cap Gemini employed, I was able to learn a great deal in terms of working within the corporate environment.


My role entailed delivering support to the consultants, by providing bespoke presentations, basic Analysis and Excel work – as well as looking after all of the logistics for a team of 10+ consultants.

Working on the Analysis and Design Stream, the team consulted for an average of 8-12 weeks before the project was handed over to the Delivery Phase, at which point we moved on to the next business. Thus I was fortunate to work in many countries, on various different stream, and for an amazing set of people.

Cap Gemini is passionate about their staff, and actively pushed development. It was from the standard consulting model of “up or out” that I began my MBA journey. Cap Gemini was an amazing job, working on a global basis for the world’s leading organisations.

 A&D Projects included:

  • Civil Aviation Authority:    NERC – Southampton
  • HSBC:                                    London & Singapore
  • SWIFT:                                   Brussels, New York, Frankfurt
  • Mobil Oil:                              Jakarta,  Hong Kong, Singapore
  • DuPont:                                Wilmington, Geneva, Rotterdam
  • Givaudan-Roure:                Zurich & Basle
  • Spillers:                                 UK & Brussels
  • Phillips Technologies:       Eindhoven & Frankfurt
  • PTT Telecom:                       Amsterdam, den Haag, Maastricht

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