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Ferrari south africa


Ferrari South Africa was one of the oldest Ferrari dealerships in the world, also hosting SEFAC, the first Ferrari owners club outside of Italy.

The role at Ferrari entailed delivering the complete Ferrari Road Car value-added package to both existing owners and new prospects.

Creation of a bespoke individualised brand strategy that kept the “prospect” in the brand, reducing cancellations within a very tight market.

Able to introduce new opportunities such as experiential marketing, social-media, guerrilla marketing and the creation of an award winning PR machine that delivered the brand to the public in a number of innovative ways not linked to the automotive industry.



Launched a partnered brand initiative into South Africa, developed media and marketing strategy and drove the brand via an extensive PR campaign.

This included developing “prospect” content through various partnerships and platforms, from which we could leverage the best brand exposure, and retain the exclusive database information. This includes Richemont Group, LVMH, Sun International, Pirelli and Shell.

Core to this was the strategic management and the measurement of all activities, through a number of home-developed ROI tools.

Achieved through the creation and control of a very strong CRM system that included incentive schemes for existing clients.

Created various Launch Platforms for new vehicles as well as new showroom facilities within Africa. All of which feature in the Projects section -many won local and international awards.

Organised and ran the largest single Ferrari Drivers event in the world, for 73 vehicles driving throughout South Africa.


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