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Championed the N$ 30,000,000 implementation of an innovative Financial Services tool that allows the unbanked and foundation level client’s access to the full range of financial services products and services through a mobile USSD platform.

Undertook all qualitative customer research, demographic breakdown, and market segmentation, along with quantitative affordability, product costing and distribution channel development.

Delivered core segmentation of local market share with an opportunity size of approximately 350,000 policy driven clients within a confirmed Sub-Saharan market of over 2,400,000 prospective customers.

Developed total CI and Asset base for full product delivery, including four bespoke Card Designs.


Part of a team of 12 Exco consultants retained by the business, the product was first launched in Namibia due to their world leading 4G networks, and then implemented across Southern Africa.

Role initially as the Strategic Marketing Consultant, controlling the Brand. Developed all media, PR and launch initiatives. Budget of NS$ 2,500,000 launched the product in August 2013

Later, responsible for the internal integration of the product into new distribution channels not previously available through legislation to this particular business. Includes the internal launch, education and development of sales tools, commission structures and incentive programmes

Retained to this project, having excellent industry experience of both Insurance and Financial Services, as a marketing expert that helps transition the business from Policy Driven Products to Customer Wealth Creation.


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