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The launch of the much coveted Ferrari 458 Italia took place in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Partnered with ExecuJet, we brought in the largest blow up structures in the world from Singapore. Creating an internal space the size of two football fields, we were able to create a unique event for over 500 people at a time. 

The structure was created to act as a video screen with content thrown against all walls and ceiling, in addition we utilised Touch Bar technology enabling guests to review the brochureware and book test drives via 3D Touch technology. We utilised the daytime to deliver Journalist reviews and test drive platforms.

The total allocation of just 120 vehicles were all pre-ordered between both events.


  • GBP 150,000 investment for complete launch platform
  • GBP 50,000 investment in Digital campaign (low as all vehicles pre-ordered)
  • 120 direct sales apportioned to both events – 100% of total allocation
  • Additional 12 pre-owned Ferrari Sales of different models were attained during the evening
  • ROAS was neutral as part of margin from additional vehicle sales covered all costs
  • South African First to utilise blow-up structures and 3D video projection
  • AVE and SOV was extremely high based on 14 press drives, 38 pages of content and 8 videos released
  • Additional coverage from terestrial TV channels due to interest in launch bubble.
  • Execujet reported one lease sale from partnered event

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