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Alfa Romeo sales campaign 


In order to generate leads and convert into sales at the high Alfa Romeo Quarafoglio Market, we explored the opportunity of being a guest of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team at the season ending Abu Dhabi campaign.

We partnered with the localised F1 coverage during free practice, qualifying and the actual race as sponsored media partner. This was backed by an extensive digital and press campaign. With an existing stock of 400 units split between 2 models and new stock on the way, we aimed to create 12,000 leads and convert into the 400 required sales.


  • Adapted global content to generate local relevant messaging 
  • Created extended media partnership over 8 month campaign, running over 100 TV adverts per month
  • Our first use of automated Google tools in order to vary the message into different segments without the need to adapt artwork
  • Use of programmatic buying in order to generate most cost effective ROAS
  • Automated CRM control through SalesForce, backed with Pixel messaging allowed us to create customised messaging through a route to sale
  • Developed assistance plan with Dealers in order to popogate test drive platform
  • Generated over 40,000 leads which converted into nearly 800 test drives
  • With added financial support on the model from factory, 80% of stock sold at this time

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