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With an extensive stock of aged vehicles, it was necessary to conceptualise a campaign that not only sold said stock, but also generated a fast falling footfall in each dealership. IMy team delivered a Night of Miracles, 36 hours of unbelievable offers within dealerships that were opened for the full duration. Offers changed at certain times during the period and this drove a continuous footfall in even unsociable hours. 

A full ATL and digital campaign, we utilised personalised messaging tools for the first time which included pixel tracking model specific communication and geo-vicinity personalised offers. Leads generated were of the highest quality and utilising holding pages, we were able to convert over 20% of captured leads – a first for FCA.


  • GBP 250,000 investment in full omni-channel campaign across TVC, Radio, OOH, Digital & Print
  • KPI was a 300 unit reduction in aged stock +365 days
  • First campaign to use automated pixel driven personalised content via Bluerobot
  • First campaign to use geo-vicinity promotional offers and to book test drives
  • Footfall per dealership increased by average 800%
  • 324 direct sales apportioned to event, 109% of KPIs
  • Dealers invested 30% of OEM spend for their own activities – all Scorecard criteria was met, again a first

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