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Our first launch for Ferrari, a multi-faceted approach based around zones that demonstrated the different unique experiences available in the California. the aim was to show the ways in which you could personalise your vehicle which was a first for Ferrari. 

From choosing the sound heard in the cabin, to building a complete Atelier, from a lounge featuring the various leathers, to an innovative 3D-experience where you could build your own car. The event was held in the stables of Kyalami Castle adjacent to the circuit where the last F1 race was held in South Africa.

To welcome the guests we worked with a local Lippizaner horse trainer who welcomed the guests in the classic prancing horse pose. Welcome drinks included “the Storm before the Calm” a chilli infused lemongrass vodka, and the foot was designed and delivered to match the various elements of the car.

The car was revealed with a video recording of a world-famous Tenor singing Nessun Dormar, and as the crowd were engrosses, we revealed that the tenor was actually present at the event. This was a true representation of the Ferrari Brand and the event won EMEA event of the year, of which we are very proud.



  • This was the first external bespoke launch for a new Ferrari Model by the local importer – and was attended by over 250 prospective customers
  • The launch was attended by the senior Factory Management who took the local launch platform and replicated it throughout EMEA
  • As we were an external agency at that point, we are unaware of the actual ROI, however on the night 12 California’s were ordered.

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