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QP gts & BUILDING launch


A stunning event from the outside in – first opening the new dealership before revealing the new Quattroporte. The opening ceremony culminated with the placing of a trident into a plinth to symbolise the opening of the doors – with guests invited to walk a laser tunnel of water to symbolise Neptune.

Later in the evening a stunning husband and wife Opera duet fought a battle of love over the Quattroporte with the lady eventually winning by unveiling the vehicle and wrapping the silk around herself.


  • GBP 55,000 investment plus an additional GBP 10,000 product contribution from partners
  • 330 guests (from an invited list of 350), 85 journalists
  • Addiitonal components consisted of ATL, Digital and email direct sales campaigns
  • Full allocation pre-sold, all sales apportioned to event
  • Attended by senior management of Maserat S.p.A.
  • Created direct partnerships with Bulgari, Ermenegildo Zegna and Pierre Jouet 
  • Surpassed all KPI’s, both sales and PR for the teaser campaign, event and post launch sales drive
  • Two bespoke Ermenegildo Zegna “Su Misura” Quattroportes were purchased, where the headlining, seat inserts and door panel inserts featured the same bespoke hand made fabrics from your Su Misura Suits – at an additional GBP 22,000 extra over the price of the car

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