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June 2019 saw South Africa hold the Ferrai Global Gathering. An esteemed event open to all Ferrari owners hosted by SEFAC the oldest non-Italian Ferrari Club in the world. We delivered our own Mille Migle through some of Souther Africa’s most beautiful scenery, featuring 73 Ferraris and a few support Maserati.

Highlights included the closing of South Africas longest tunnel, who then allowed all 73 Ferraris to experience the sound of a tunnel without public traffic – never to be repeated in Africa for any other brand.

Second was a welcome by the Franschoek Motor Museum for a private lunch hosted by Johan Rupert, both Africa’s richest man and the owner of some of the rarest vehicles in the world including F40, F50, Enzo, etc.

As part of the drive, we were able to visit the Sutherland deep space probe, who during a private visit were able to locate the Ferrari Star which SEFAC had procured for Ferrari.

Lastly, we were hosted by Knysna, a small coastal town in the Western Cape, who closed all roads, allowed us to race through the town at unlimited speeds – see the video. We were able to take a lady celebrating her 100th birthday on the day with the thrill of a lifetime.



This was a paid by owner event and was undertaken as a global customer experience. It was the first African event that featured ultra rare historical and new vehicles from original spec Dino’s to 599 GTO’s. For most of the 5 day trip we were supported by local law enforcement as the value of the convoy was in excess of GBP 30,000,000.

The event attracted a great deal of media generating over GBP 200,000 worth of AVE and over 40% of the SOV generated by vehicle OEM’s in the following monthWe were able to secure over 30 minutes of dedicated TV time as well as 18 magazine pieces and 22 blog reports. We achieved 4 new sales from owners test driving other owners vehicles – this included 2 x 458 Italia, 1 x California and 1 x 599 GTB.

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